What does MIST provide?
Mist is one of the leading information companies in Egypt providing high technology value added information services in both financial and Internet fields. We provide cairo & Alexandria stock market information, Abu Dhabi (Dubai) & Saudi stock markets.
Mist provides you a complete access to the full range of Internet services via its communication centers in Cairo & Alexandria, 24 hours, 7 days a week. O ur vision is to be one of the information leaders in the region , this means in all respects customer satisfaction.
Mist communication centers, more than 1000 institutions ranging from Banks, Brokerage & Portfolio Management Co., Exchange co., and private investors are connected to the Egyptian Capital Market financial services and International Real Time information Services.
As a consequence to our services in the real-time on-line information services, It was natural to be one of the leading Internet services providers in Egypt .
Mist infrastructure is highly sophisticated and applies the latest technologies that guarantee reliable and perfect network services with high speeds.
Mist provides fast leased lines access 24 hr/day, through which the user will access the INTERNET having all the advantages of leased line connectivity, Both Software Routing & Hardware Routing with variance of speeds to support your needs. For more information contact us...
ISDN is an added feature to your existing normal telephone line.
It converts the normal, Analog and slow telephone line to Digital , fast and reliable telephone line.

Virtual two telephone lines:
ISDN has two channels over which two simultaneous calls can be made.
So you can double your telephone lines handling capacity giving more potential customer access to you. Just one ISDN line enables you to:
Receive two telephone calls at the same time.
Surf the Internet without making your line busy.
Make two telephone calls at the same time.
Sends fax and make a call.
E-mail Account
Domain Registration
Website Hosting